The City of Light

Paris is also known as ‘the city of light’ – la ville Lumiere – this name came from being the first city in Europe to have gas street lighting, in 1860 Paris was illuminated with over 56,000 gas lights. Ever since, Paris has been known to also be one of the most iconic cities for fashion, art, culture and history. It is also known for its world renowned cuisine.

Famous Landmarks

One of the most popular things in Paris is the Eiffel Tower and the intimacy  associated with it. When reaching the highest possible point, after climbing 704 stairs you will get the most incredible views and all that work will be worth the final moment.

The Notre Dame de Paris is the most visited un-ticketed site in the city, with well over 14 million visitors each year.  It has been the focus for every Catholic Paris citizen or even tourist for 7 centuries and can hold up to 6000 worshippers.

Food & Drink

With over 1,700 bakeries in this one city, you can definitely grab that all in all special French croissant that you have been hoping for since you booked your holiday. If you get thirsty, you can wash it down in one of the 1,100 bars located around the city.


Paris is the most populated city in France and holds up to 18.2% of the entire population in France in 2014.


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