The Big Apple


New York City, the place of exciting adventures and the shopping central of the world. New York influences fashion decisions all over the globe from what shoes to wear to what hair to have. Being in New York initially means you will never be bored, there is always something to do. From visiting the Statue of Liberty (ranked #1 of tourist attractions in NY) to taking a stroll around the famously known Central Park (ranked number #4.)

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It is a diverse and richly cultured city with over 47% of its residents over the age of 5 speak another language other than English at home, with over 800 languages spoken in this one city. Also, with the second largest Jewish population.

The famous New York skyline

New York holds the most iconic skyline, it may not be the home of the first skyscraper, but when you think of a skyline, you always think of the empire state building being somewhere there in the background. To view the skyline of New York, go to the Rockerfeller Centre and go up to the 70th floor. Now, that’s a view you can not forget!

Tourist industry

In 2015, there were approx. 60 million visitors to New York, with 12 million of them being from outside the USA, highest number of tourists were from the United Kingdom, Canada and Brazil – creating $61.3 billion in 2014 for the tourist industry.


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